5 Surprising Benefits of Moving During the Holidays

Published by Big John's Moving Inc. on

There are some real benefits of moving during the holidays!

The holidays are a busy time of year, and that’s without any of the tasks involved in going through a move. If you are moving during the holidays, your holiday season might look a little different than usual. Though many people would not think of the holidays as an ideal time to move, there are several surprising benefits of moving during the holidays that you might find to your liking–and that might help make your move less stressful than usual!

1. More Helpers Are Available

With schools closed and people taking off from work, you’ll have many more helpers during your move than if you moved during a different time of year. Between packing, organizing, and checking many other moving tasks off your to-do list, your kids, neighbors, and family will likely be more available to help you and ease some of your stress.

2. Less Holiday Pressure

This is the perfect year to lower your holiday stress. Moving during the holidays means you can turn down any holiday party invitations guilt-free because, of course, you’re moving and need to focus on that (right?!). No need to go all-out on decorating or cooking (but if that’s your thing, there are ways to do it, even during a move!). All in all, you can make this holiday season whatever you want it to be, and if you don’t want it to be as intense as years’ past, you have a great excuse to scale back!

3. Built-In Vacation

Since it is vacation season anyway, now is a great opportunity to turn your move into a family trip! Whether you are moving far away or nearby, take some time together as a family to explore your new neighborhood and act like tourists. Even if you don’t do anything super vacation-y, the ability to more easily take time off of work during the holiday season means you can take care of moving and unpacking with less stress about missing work.

4. Workplaces Have Slowed Down

In the same vein, when you do take off work during the holiday season, chances are you aren’t missing much. Unless you work in retail, it’s unlikely that your job is having a busy season. If anything, most workplaces slow down during the holidays, making it an ideal time to focus on your family and your move.

5. Off-Season Prices

Moving can be expensive, so any way to save money can be helpful. Since the holidays are not a popular time to move, moving companies will likely be offering off-season prices compared to if you move during the spring or summer. They will also be more likely to accommodate the moving date you need as they won’t be as booked up, but there might be some closures around the actual holidays themselves, so make sure to book in advance to make sure your schedule can be accommodated.

At Big John’s Moving, we’ll help your move be a success, no matter what time of year it is. At first glance, the holiday season may not be your top choice of time to move. But if you look a little closer, you’ll see just how many benefits of moving during the holidays there are.