"For less than our Manhattan Competitors"
We Offer 24-Hour Security Cameras
Armed Guards and Trained Guard Dogs

At our Modern, well lit, immaculately clean
and climate controlled facility.

Little John’s Private Storage

at our modern bronx facility
or less than our Manhattan competitors


Located at 120 Bruckner Blvd


Over 100,000 square feet

At Service

Open Monday-Saturday 8-5


Residential & Commercial


Big John's Moving


Little John’s Storage

The protection of your property is our top priority.

• 24-hour security cameras, armed guards, and trained guard dogs.

• Customer-only access. (Clients are professionally escorted to and from storage areas)
  Clean, well-lit, energy efficient facility.

• Thermostatic climate-control and insulation protect belongings from damage due to
   humidity, moths, and other pests.

• Protects items such as leather furniture, musical instruments, books, electronic equipment,
  fine linens, mattresses, and business files.

• Separate section with museum-designed, museum-quality climate control for art  antiques and

• Pre-inspection ensures that no perishables or flammable items go into storage.

Transporting and storing delicate items such as fine art and antiques requires skilled handlers and master packers, as well as the highest standards in shipping crates, wrapping materials, and climate control.

Big John’s Moving
1602 1st Avenue
New York NY 10028
(212) 734-3300
US DOT #0331030
NY DOT #10542

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Service Type
Moving and Storage
Provider Name
Big John's Moving Inc.,
1602 1st Avenue,New York ,New York -10028,
Telephone No.(212) 734-3300
New York City
Little John’s Storage is our modern private energy-efficient storage facility, with over one million cubic feet of storage space and a range of individual storage units in at least 8 different sizes.