Big John’s Moving l Sutton Place, New York

Since 1977, Big John’s Moving has dedicated itself to being the best moving and storage company in Sutton Place, New York. From their inception as a one-man operation, they have grown into one of the leading full-service moving companies, providing a fleet of modern and “green” energy-efficient vans, trucks, and trailers. They are one of the few independent movers remaining in Sutton Place. Their biggest focus is to make things easier for their customers. This belief is embodied by their employees and their owner, John Healey. Big John’s recognizes that moving can be one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life, so they ensure that every job receives the best service possible. 


Our professionally-trained staff is hand-picked by John Healey, “Big John,” himself to ensure they are people who share the ideals of delivering excellent customer service. He requires  scrupulous honesty and keen attention to detail. Big John also personally supervises all the crews to assure they are adhering to high standards of service. This is another reason why Big John’s is the best moving and storage company in Sutton Place. As the son of a navy admiral, John runs the business with the precision and teamwork of a naval aircraft carrier. For example, he makes sure that only the foreman can speak to the customer, because boxes can be lost or dropped in the event the moving crew becomes too chatty and doesn’t pay attention to the task at hand. That’s the kind of dedication that he instills in his movers to make sure that nothing is missed so the customer can have a smooth moving process. 

Residential Movers and Storage

If you are getting ready to move, our services are designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve during this hectic and disruptive time. Big John’s will send over a team of experienced movers trained by John himself. Big John’s never uses subcontractors. These professionals will abide by the moving industry standards along with Big John’s Moving’s personal requirements of providing a superior and quality service. You can expect the team to help wrap, pack, and move all your belongings as if they were their own. 

Commercial Movers and Storage

Commercial moving requires a different set of skills than residential moving. It is essential to plan for these moves in advance to ensure there is minimal disruption for the employees and, most importantly, the business. Big John’s professional foreman, movers, drivers, and moving crews have plenty of years of experience in packing, storing, and shipping office furniture and factory equipment. They make sure to clearly mark and document any and all items that are moved and put into storage so that they are delivered and set up in their proper places. This is an extra step that will minimize downtime and ensure that your business is up and running as soon as possible once the move is complete. Not many others will go that extra mile, which is why Big John’s Moving has consistently been one of the top movers in Sutton Place, New York.

Specialty Services

Big John’s also provides full or partial packing services to save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. We will custom-pack valuable and delicate items such as glassware, artwork, and collectibles, while the customer packs durable items such as books and clothing. Upon request, our in-house department can custom build crates to protect your valuables against damage during the shipping and packing/unpacking processes. 


Big John’s has over 100,000 square feet of storage space for residential and commercial storage. This facility, called Little John’s Storage, offers 24-hour security cameras, armed guards, and trained dogs. Our modern space is well lit and clients are professionally escorted to and from storage areas. The storage units are immaculately clean, and thermostatic climate-control and insulation protect belongings from damage due to humidity, moths, and other pests. Little John’s also pre-inspects items to ensure that nothing  perishable or flammable goes into storage. Our facility is conveniently open Monday-Saturday, 8:00-5:00.

Why Choose Big John’s Moving?

If you are looking for movers in the Sutton Place area of New York City, choose Big John’s Moving. Given their decades of experience, you will be receiving nothing less than exceptional service and complete customer satisfaction. They are capable of completing local, long distance, residential, and commercial moves. Big John’s also offers competitive rates with no hidden charges, along with accurate online quotes that are mostly provided by Big John himself. 

So, be sure to give Big John’s Moving a call today at (212) 734-3300 to learn more about their services and why they are the best movers in Sutton Place!