How To Have a Successful Eco-Friendly Move

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How to have a successful eco-friendly move.

There are many factors that go into the job of moving, from organizing your belongings to packing them to dealing with a moving company and more. Moving is definitely a big job that can disrupt your daily routine, but what if we told you that the act of moving also gives you the opportunity to make choices about your belongings that benefit the environment? With Earth Day on the horizon, we list for you here a few tips on how to keep your move eco-friendly.

Recycle Instead of Toss

As you go through all your belongings to decide what to bring with you to your new home and what to get rid of, think about which of those belongings can be recycled. We bet most can! Whether those items are made of recyclable materials that can go in your recycling bin or whether you decide to give some of those items away instead of throwing them in the trash, there are many creative ways you can reuse or recycle things you want to leave behind to keep them out of landfills. For example, you can host a yard sale, you can give old games, clothing, or toys to family members, and you can donate items to charities.

Reduce Harmful Fuel Emissions

Fuel from vehicles can be harmful to the environment, so the smaller or fewer vehicles you need for your move, the better. Decluttering your home before packing is an excellent way to reduce the amount of space you need on a moving truck, perhaps even leading you to require a smaller vehicle for moving. It will also save you money as some moving companies charge per box.

Certain moving companies, such as Big John’s Moving, also use green fuel in their moving vehicles in order to reduce harmful emissions along the drive. Make sure to research your moving company before hiring them if environmentally friendly moving is important to you.

Be Conscious of Your Packing Materials

Save all those Amazon boxes you’ve amassed over time and use them for packing in instead of throwing them out. You can also reuse plastic bins or purchase ones made out of recycled plastic. Look for other packing containers you already own, even ones that are less conventional like laundry baskets, hampers, and even garbage cans. 

When it comes to other packing materials like bubble wrap, there are environmentally friendly versions out there for you to use. You can even avoid bubble wrap and packing peanuts altogether and use blankets, towels, and even thick socks for protecting your more fragile items.

At Big John’s Moving, we use modern eco-friendly vans, trucks, and trailers to keep your move as green as possible. We will also pack for you so you can focus on other aspects of your move. It is our goal to help you have the most successful eco-friendly move possible!