The Top 4 Benefits of Moving During the Fall

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Moving during the fall season

Many people see the summer as the ideal time to move–the weather is nice, school has not started yet, and the daylight hours are long enough to accommodate the time it takes to physically move and get settled. But wait a few months and you’ll be in autumn–a beneficial time to move, as well. Below we list for you the top reasons why moving during the fall is one of the best times to move.

1. Weather

We think of summer as having the best weather, but the truth is, especially in New York City, the summer is hot, humid, and uncomfortable. Who wants to be drenched in sweat as they move? The fall season is when temperatures begin to drop–slowly, at first, so that it is still somewhat warm, yet cool enough for a light breeze, or to even need a sweatshirt. The in-between weather is perfect for being comfortable–not breaking a sweat the moment you step out the door yet not needing to bundle up so much you lose your range of motion. When you get to your destination, the weather again helps you out as you do not need to hibernate indoors but can go out for walks and get acquainted with your new neighborhood.

2. Housing Market

The peak of the housing market is during the summer, which means heavy competition for the desirable homes and elevated prices. In the fall, competition for homes is less which means it may be easier to secure a house and you will likely pay less for it than you would during the summertime. Not only will this save you money (that you can then use on moving and on your new home), it will also save you stress during your search as you may have more time to consider a house before making an offer.

3. Mover Availability and Flexibility

Since moving during the fall is a less popular time, movers have more openings in their schedules. This means you will have more flexibility about the particular week or day you would like to move. Some movers also tend to raise their prices in the summertime because of demand, so by moving in the fall, you may pay less for moving that you would have in the height of the moving season. These are again ways to save both money and stress during your moving journey.

4. You Will Still Be Holiday-Ready

The holiday season doesn’t begin until Thanksgiving at the end of November, which means you have most of the fall to move and not interfere with your holiday plans. You will have significant time to unpack and get settled enough to decorate your home, have guests over, and enjoy whichever holiday traditions you love. In fact, moving can give you a new opportunity to organize your holiday items you have collected over the years and even use them in a new way. The holidays can also be a great time for you and your kids to meet new people in your neighborhood and form new relationships.

The fall may be a less popular time to move, but that’s also why there are so many benefits. If moving during the fall is something you are considering, we at Big John’s Moving can help you with packing, moving, and even storage of your items. Whenever you decide to move, make sure the time of year works for your family, your work plans, and your budget.

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