4 Simple Tips For Successfully Moving During the Holidays

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Moving during the holidays can be stressful.

There are so many variables that go into deciding when to move–job start dates and when you close on your house being the two major factors. Many people try to arrange those elements to fall out around the summertime, which is the most popular time to move. However, sometimes, you are not really in control of your moving date. Moving during the holidays is likely the most hectic time to move, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. If you find that you must move during the holiday season, here are some tips and tricks to help you have a successful holiday move.

1. Start Packing Extra Early

Give yourself several weeks to pack up your home. The holidays come with their own stress and preparation, and you don’t want to feel like the stress and physical work of moving has taken over any time or attention you would normally devote to the holidays. Allow yourself space for the holidays by packing early and in small increments. Just a little bit of packing each day for a few weeks will help the task feel manageable and will give you time and mental space to plan for the holidays, as well.

2. Leave a Few Holiday Decorations Available

If you are moving after the holidays, make sure to leave out a few holiday decorations, but don’t completely deck out your home. You still want to feel like the holidays are here without feeling overwhelmed with needing to pack it all up afterward–trust us, you will enjoy the holidays a lot more with fewer decorations and less stress! If you move right before the holidays, make sure you have easy access to your decorations so you can decorate your new home. It’s a great way to start making some immediate and meaningful memories with your family in your new space, and it will help your new house feel like home.

3. Settle Things With Your Movers Far in Advance

Moving companies may have less availability during the holiday season, so make sure you reach out to your desired moving company as early as possible. In addition, double and triple check with your movers that they are available on the date that you need and will be providing the correct size moving truck. The last thing you want is a mixup or a cancellation. Having your movers pack for you may also save you a lot of headache as well as time that you can then spend doing other things like enjoying the holidays.

4. Enjoy the Holidays By Staying Extra-Organized

It’s still important for you to enjoy holiday activities with your family, but that may mean scheduling in family time. If you keep an organized calendar that lists when it is time for moving activities (such as packing) and when it is time for family activities, you will much better be able to ensure that your family gets some quality time together during the holidays without encroaching on the time you need to pack and get ready for the move. This will allow you to enjoy family time with much less stress.

At Big John’s Moving, we will work with you to make sure your moving experience is as smooth as possible. If you are moving during the holidays, we will help you eliminate stress with our packing service as well as our reliability. Make sure you always work with movers you trust, especially during such a stressful time of year!

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