Moving In With Your Romantic Partner

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Moving in with your romantic partner for the first time can be both stressful and exciting.

Moving in with your romantic partner for the first time is a very exciting life milestone, but it can also be a stressful one. It is normal for you and your partner to be having both feelings of anxiety and of excitement during this time. Here at Big John’s Moving, we have helped many couples move in together for the first time since our founding in 1977. Here are some helpful moving tips for couples, or anyone, moving in together for the first time that will make both the move itself and building a new household together easier.

Packing Tips For Couples

1. You Don’t Need Two Of Everything 

When moving in with a significant other for the first time, you will likely have duplicates of many household goods, like kitchen appliances, dishware, furniture, and linens. Your new home will need to contain all of your belongings and all of your partner’s belongings, so it makes sense to get rid of, or at least externally store, duplicate items to save storage space. 

2. Take This As An Opportunity To Declutter

Many newly combined households suffer from clutter because two homes worth of stuff are now being stored in one home. Beyond just getting rid of duplicate items, you and your partner should also take the opportunity to generally declutter and get rid of other items you no longer want. There is no reason to pack and ship items you no longer want into your new home. Take the opportunity of moving in with your partner to get rid of household items you no longer want or need by selling, donating, or throwing out these items.

3. Consider Renting A Storage Space 

If you do not want to throw out duplicate items, or you just generally are worried about lacking storage in your new home, consider renting an external storage unit. A storage unit will allow you to keep more of your possessions, without cluttering up your new home. Our modern storage facility offers regularly cleaned, climate-controlled units with 24/7 security, so your belongings stay safe, secure, and in excellent condition for as long as you need them stored with us.  

4. Hire A Professional Moving Company

Moving is a stressful process and it can put a strain on even the strongest relationship. Moving in with your romantic partner for the first time is stressful enough without personally managing all of the intricacies of packing, heavy lifting, renting a moving truck, and unpacking all by yourselves. Calling Big John’s Moving to help you with your move will take some of the burdens of this process off the shoulders of you and your partner, allowing you to focus on building your new household.

Call Big John’s Moving

The most important tip for all couples moving in together for the first time is to contact Big John’s Moving for all of your professional moving and storage needs.