Top 4 Tips For Moving Successfully During Winter Months

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Moving in the winter can be a great decision!

Wintertime means cold weather, short days, and plenty of time indoors. So when you find that you need to move during the winter months, it can seem daunting. Don’t write off winter moving altogether, though! There are certain benefits to moving during the coldest, darkest days of the year, and you may find it’s the perfect moving time for you. Here are some benefits and tips to keep in mind when moving in the winter.


1. Cost of Moving

Moving prices are not stagnant–they tend to get better in the off-season. As moving companies have fewer moving jobs, their prices become more competitive. That means that a summer move tends to be quite pricey while moving in the winter can be much more affordable. If price is an issue and you have flexibility on your moving date, waiting for the fall or winter months in order to move can be a good strategy.

2. Availability of Movers

In direct relation to the price changes discussed above, movers tend to have more availability in their schedules during the off-season months. Since summer is the most popular time to move, moving companies book up quickly and you can be stuck with either dates that are not idea or having to go with a moving company that is not your first (or even second) choice. In the winter, the pressure is off because fewer people are moving. You will most likely be able to move with your top choice moving company on the exact day that you want.


1. Plan For a Shorter Day

There are fewer daylight hours in the winter, which is something important to keep in mind when you plan the logistics of your move. Your move may take more than one day if you have a lot of belongings and you need to be prepared for that. Discuss with your movers how long they anticipate the move taking so that you won’t be surprised. To lessen the amount of hours the movers actually need to work so that it all gets done in one short winter day, you can do as much in advance as possible. This includes packing, bringing over smaller items to your new place (if it is not too far away), and organizing all your boxes and larger items so that they are ready to go on the truck.

2. Clear Ice and Snow from Driveways

Winter can bring with it icy and snowy weather. You may get lucky and have a clear day, but if you don’t, make sure you shovel snow and deice your driveway and the front of your home–including your new home. This ensures the safety of the movers and the moving truck, as well as saves time (and money) by preventing the moving truck from getting stuck in a snowy mess.

3. Cover Your Floors

Movers (and your family members!) will be in and out of your old home and your new home carrying heavy items. They are likely to track dirty snow and debris onto your floors, and you definitely don’t want to start off in a new home with dirty floors! You also don’t want to leave dirty floors for the new owners of your old house. If you cover your floors in both locations with a large protective tarp or towels or some other covering of that nature, you will be able to protect your floors from the beating they would otherwise have taken.

4. Inspect The Utilities In Your New Home

A few days prior to your move, visit your new home and make sure the heat, hot water, and electricity are all working properly. When you officially move there, you are going to want to settle in immediately to a warm, cozy home, take some hot showers, and so on. You definitely don’t want to deal with broken heat, cold showers, or lights that don’t work on your first night. Once you ensure everything is working, it can make sense to turn the heat on a day or two before you arrive so that your home is warm and welcoming the moment you step inside on moving day. Moving is stressful enough–end the day with relaxation, not vexation!

Experienced moving companies like Big John’s Moving will make sure your winter move is a success. If you keep these tips in mind, you will avoid many of the stresses of a winter moving day!

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