Best Ways to Prepare Your Items for Storage

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Prepare your items for storage properly so they can remain in top condition!

So you’ve decided to place some of your belongings into storage at a storage facility. Now what? How do you make sure your belongings will stay in the best condition, take up the least amount of space, and remain clean? Storage facilities do their part to maintain the conditions of the facility, but you contribute, as well, in how you prepare your items for storage. Read on to learn about the best ways to pack and prepare your items so they can endure being packed away.

1. Clean Everything Going Into Storage

You don’t want your items to gather dust in storage, but you shouldn’t put them into storage already dusty, either. You may not notice dust or crumbs or dirty areas on furniture or other items that you see every day, but take a cloth and a vacuum and dust everything off, including inside drawers and nooks and crannies. Couches might need to be vacuumed in between and underneath the cushions, as well as underneath the frame. Other items might just need a good wipe down. However you do it, make sure everything is clean as can be before you pack it up for storage. Once you clean everything, make sure it is all dry and that any upholstered items, fabric items, or leather items are treated with a protective spray to prevent the growth of mold over time.

2. Organize Into Categories

If you have smaller items going into boxes, group them into categories so they are packed together and easier to retrieve or unpack later. All books should stay together, dishes should stay together, vases should be packed together, and so on. The more organized you are during the packing process, the easier it will be when you want to locate something in your storage unit later.

3. Pack in Clear Boxes

As you prepare your items for storage, pack them in clear boxes, bins, and bags so that you can see what is inside each package. This way, you won’t have to start opening everything up to find that one set of items you are looking for. You want to walk into your storage unit and immediately be able to see where everything is. Additionally, make sure everything is sealed in some sort of box or bag. Nothing should be stored loose in the storage unit. Even if the storage facility you use is climate controlled and careful about maintaining a healthy environment for the items stored there, packaged items have a much better chance of remaining in excellent condition for as long as you store them.

4. Keep a List of Inventory

As you pack, write each item down in an organized list so that you know what you already packed and don’t go looking for it later or accidentally leave it out. The inventory list will come in handy later, as well, when you are trying to remember where something is and aren’t sure if you put it into storage or if it is hiding somewhere in your house. Instead of frantically searching or hoping it is actually in storage when you can’t find it, you can consult your inventory list!

5. Be Extra Careful With Appliances

If you are storing appliances, they require a particular method of storage in order to ensure they remain in good working order. Cords should be wrapped carefully. Refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher doors should be kept ajar ever so slightly to prevent mildew.

At Big John’s Moving, we can help you pack and prepare your items for storage in our modern, climate-controlled storage facility, Little John’s Private Storage. No matter what kind of items you are looking to store, if you follow these tips, you will ensure a successful storage experience!