Tales From a Moving Crew

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Tales From a Moving Crew

The job of moving people goes far beyond simply transporting belongings from one location to another. It involves changes in lives-sometimes pleasant and sometimes not. Through the years, workers have encountered experiences that unfold during the moving process. From heartwarming reunions to unbelievably funny happenings, here are just a few stories from moving crews like Big John’s Moving.

Memorable Events

One of the most memorable aspects of moving different people is the opportunity to witness the joy of reunion. On one occasion, a company was hired to move a young woman who was relocating across the city. The woman and her fiance, who just returned from military service, were moving in together. Their reunion was heartwarming, however, after moving in the mattress and putting together their bed, the couple remained behind a closed bedroom door for a while leaving the crew waiting. The crew recalls how uncomfortable they were, but they did get a big tip!

Of course, not all stories are as heartwarming, but they are no less meaningful. Crews sometimes encounter individuals and families who are facing significant life transitions. From retirees downsizing to young professionals starting fresh in the city, each move represents a new chapter in our clients’ lives. One crew member tells a story about a couple who were splitting up. When the movers arrived at their apartment the couple were arguing over which furniture each would keep. One spouse told us, ‘You can pack and take the chair,’ but the other one would say, ‘Bring that chair back.”  Unfortunately, their move didn’t go smoothly.

Unbelievably Funny 

Then there are the unexpected happenings that are so odd and funny. From encountering unexpected guests to runaway pianos, every day on the road can bring new surprises. While one family was moving into their new house, they discovered a stray cat hiding in one of the boxes. After they phoned the moving company to say the cat wasn’t their pet, they were advised to let the cat go outside and hope it would find its way back home. Reluctantly, the family agreed but soon found out that the cat had other ideas. The stray refused to leave no matter how the family tried. After a while, the family gave up and decided to keep the cat. They named the cat Mover in honor of the moving company that brought the stray into their new home.

Another tale of a family’s unexpected event involved a baby grand piano. The mover assured the family they would be able to safely move their piano to their new house. When the family arrived at their new home they found that the piano wasn’t there! The moving company claimed the piano fell off the truck in transit. A few days later a neighbor called to say that they discovered a baby grand piano in their front yard. It seems the piano somehow rolled down a hill and ended up in just a few houses away! The piano had a few dents and dings but otherwise was in good condition. The family found it funny and was glad to have their piano back!

Tales From a Moving Crew

As crews from moving companies like Big John’s Moving continue to relocate people and families, there will always be so many unique stories. Moving crews never know what unexpected twists and turns will be around the next corner. At Big John’s Moving, we ensure that each relocation is a smooth and memorable experience for our clients.