Moving Resolutions for the New Year

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Big John’s Moving has 11 moving resolutions that you can commit to right now to make your 2024 move easier.

Happy New Year! Many people treat the arrival of a new year as an opportunity for self-improvement. Every January 1st, countless people make resolutions promising themselves they will accomplish some project or feat of self-improvement. Up to 80% of these people, unfortunately, end up abandoning their resolutions by February. There is a good chance you have already given up on your resolution. However, it is never too late to improve your life! You can pick new resolutions (just a few days late) and keep them. Moving to a new home is a great way of improving your life, but the process of actually moving can also sometimes be stressful. If you are moving in 2024 you can make some resolutions right now to make that move less stressful. Big John’s Moving has 11 moving resolutions that you can commit to right now to make your 2024 move easier. 

Pre-Move Resolutions

Moving Resolution 1: Make a checklist/schedule for your move.

There are obviously many things that need to be done before you and your family can move from your current home into a new one. Not only do you need to pack or get rid of every item in your current home you may also need to perform other tasks. Some non-packing, pre-move tasks may include buying packing supplies, booking movers, filling prescriptions, switching doctors, finding baby/pet sitters, and more. You should make a resolution to put all of your pre-move errands onto a single list, with set deadlines to make your move go smoothly.

Moving Resolution 2: Declutter your home before moving day.

Decluttering is a New Year’s resolution that many people struggle to fulfill every year, but moving allows you to achieve it. There is no reason to use precious time and money transporting the possessions you do not want or need. Take this opportunity to sell, donate, give away, and throw out any unwanted items that will make your move easier.

Moving Resolution 3: Learn how to pack correctly.

If you commit to learning how to pack correctly, you will protect your possessions and make unpacking less stress-inducing. Some rules for correct packing include putting heavier items at the bottom of boxes, not leaving empty spaces in boxes, using detailed labels, properly taping boxes closed, and not packing items from different rooms in the same box.

Moving Resolution 4: Start packing early and do a little bit each day.

If you make and keep a resolution to start packing early, and gradually, it will save you a lot of stress. It is a lot easier and less stressful to pack up your home, and accomplish all of your other pre-move tasks over a month than it is to do so in just a few days. You will be very happy you made this resolution when moving day finally arrives. 

Resolutions For Moving Day

Moving Resolution 5: Make sure your kids and pets are prepared for moving day.

Moving can be stressful for anyone, but it can be particularly hard on children and pets. You should make a resolution committing yourself to giving your kids and pets extra love and attention during the packing process, on moving day, and in your new home. Both kids and pets also benefit from their routines being maintained before, during, and after the move as much as possible. 

Moving Resolution 6: Have an essentials bag. 

Another potential moving resolution you can attempt to achieve is to create an “essentials bag” and add any items you may need during or immediately after the move. Items to put in an essentials bag include daily medications, a change of clothes, toiletries, pet supplies, your child’s favorite toy, phone chargers, and other similar items.

Moving Resolution 7: Take a family photo in your old home and your new one. 

While this resolution is not necessary to have a stress-free move, it can be fun and meaningful. You may have had some great memories in your old home, and you may want to look back on your last days there at some point in the future. On the other hand, you may want to look back on your first day in your new home. Commemorating your move with family photos is just a good way to mark the occasion. 

Resolutions For After The Move

Moving Resolution 8: Create an effective unpacking system.

Creating an effective unpacking system will make the process of getting settled in your new home much easier. Unpack your boxes methodically, in order of importance to you and your family. It can make sense to start with your essentials bag and then move on to the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, living areas, and finally the garage/attic.

Moving Resolution 9. Keep in touch with friends and family.

Moving can be emotionally difficult, especially if you are moving far away from friends or family. It is emotionally and psychologically beneficial to keep in touch with friends and family, no matter how far away they live. Thanks to the internet, maintaining long-distance connections is easier than ever. Take advantage of this technology and stay in touch with the people that matter to you, whether you are just moving to a new neighborhood or across the country.

Moving Resolution 10: Make an effort to meet your new neighbors.

While maintaining social relationships after a move is important, it is also important to make an effort to meet your new neighbors. When people move, they can often feel socially isolated. To combat social isolation, you should make an effort to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. 

Moving Resolution 11: Explore your new neighborhood.

The world is an interesting place and you are getting the chance to live in and explore a new slice of it. Make a resolution pledging to take advantage of this opportunity. Walk around your new neighborhood to get the lay of the land. Take note of nearby restaurants, stores, parks, and other points of interest.

The Most Important Moving New Year’s Resolution

The most important of all potential moving resolutions is promising yourself that you will call Big John’s Moving to assist you with your move. Big John’s Moving offers professional moving and storage solutions for residential and commercial customers throughout New York City. Fulfill this resolution and call us today!