Why it is Smart to Use a Private Storage Facility While Spring Cleaning

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It is smart to use a storage facility when spring cleaning and changing out furniture!

May is the month where many are in the throes of spring cleaning, organizing their closets, weeding through toy bins, and updating furniture. But what if you don’t want to get rid of certain furniture, art, or other items of value (monetary or sentimental) yet no longer have space for them in your home? A storage unit could be the answer you need to hold onto these items for as long as you need. Keeping your items in storage does cost money, so you may be wondering if it is truly a worthwhile investment. In this article, we will lay out for you the reasons why using a storage facility is a smart solution while spring cleaning.

Make Space for Cleaning and Reorganization 

When you do a deep clean and reorganization of your home, you need as much “stuff” cleared out as possible. You want rooms as empty as you can get them so you can clean in every corner and crevice, and on every spot on the floor. Additionally, in order to truly create a cohesive space with furniture and decor, you need the room empty until you decide how you want it to look and function. Then you can reintroduce some old pieces as well as purchase new ones to achieve the feel and style you want. 

By keeping furniture and other items in a storage facility while spring cleaning, you can look at your space with a fresh perspective and then pick and choose what you want to bring back into your home, keeping everything else safely stored without cluttering your basement or garage until you decide you would like it back.

Give Seasonal Items a Home

Seasonal items often take up a lot of space in your house when they are only used a few days out of the year, not to mention that piling them together in small storage areas can lead to items breaking or getting bent out of shape. Additionally, items that just sit in your home without being used for months at a time collect actual dust (it’s not just an expression!) that can increase the dirt in your home. Instead of letting them take up space you can use in a better, more functional way, store them in a facility where they will be kept and preserved in a clean, climate-controlled environment and where nothing will be crowded on top of each other in ways that can cause damage.

Hold Onto Valuable or Sentimental Items

Sometimes you know for sure that a piece of furniture or a particular artwork piece, or maybe even a large musical instrument, just has no space in your home for the moment or is not being used right now (as in the case of, say, a piano). However, you don’t want to sell it or give it away because you anticipate using it in the future or it has sentimental value to you. While spring cleaning, you can get these items out of your house without actually getting rid of them by keeping them in a storage facility. Then you can enjoy your bright new space free of clutter and large items that do not fit or do not look right while also knowing those items are safely stored for whenever you are ready for them.

Choose the Right Storage Unit for Your Possessions

When you do decide to put items in storage, make sure you choose the best storage facility you can. You want somewhere that is clean, free of pests, and climate controlled so your items are not exposed to mildew or dust. You also want to examine how secure the facility is so that you can feel confident your items are safe. At Big John’s Moving, our storage facility, called Little John’s Storage, is modern, clean, and has several security systems in place so your items remain in the same condition in which you brought them in. Private storage can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home and gives you the freedom to create the home you want without losing the items you treasure that no longer fit.