Top 4 Benefits of Moving During the Spring

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Moving during the spring

Springtime might feel like an odd time to move, as it’s so close to summer, which is a more popular season for moving. If you are moving during the spring to a new community and you have children, it likely means changing schools before the end of the school year. Then again, the weather during the spring is usually mild and can be ideal for the heavy-lifting and travel required during a move. Sometimes you don’t get a choice for when you move–if you find that perfect house and you need to be out of yours by x-date, then that’s when you have to schedule your moving day! If you find yourself in this situation, we can help you prepare for your springtime move with this list of benefits of moving during the spring.

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Benefits of Moving During the Spring

1. Ideal Weather

Wintertime brings with it snow and frigid temperatures. Summers can have heavy rains and sweltering heat. Springtime is usually mild, and even when it rains, the rainfalls are more like showers rather than monsoons. If you’re looking for a meteorologically ideal time to move, spring would be it! It’s comfortable to be outside in just a light jacket, which means lugging heavy boxes and bulky furniture from your home to the truck and from the truck to your new home is easier without breaking a sweat.

2. Improved Roadway Conditions

With the nice weather comes safer roads. You won’t have to worry about snow or ice, and roadway repairs begin as soon as the winter is over, so potholes and other damaged areas will likely be covered. Additionally, traffic is usually pretty mild during the spring–there are fewer accidents due to better road conditions, and it isn’t vacation season yet.

3. Movers Are Readily Available

Since you will be moving during a less popular season, moving companies will have more dates available, which means they can more easily accommodate your desired moving date. You may also get lucky with lower prices, since competition for movers is less. You may even be able to negotiate a better price, as movers will be eager for your business during this slower time of year.

4. Garage Sale Season

Spring is the perfect time for a garage sale! It’s naturally a time when everyone is busy cleaning out their homes, so packing up your things for moving fits right in with the trend. Your spring cleaning might be more thorough than others, but that makes it a great time to sell or donate the items you don’t want to bring with you. With the nice weather, people will enjoy spending time at your garage sale and may be even more likely to buy something, as they won’t be rushing off due to uncomfortable heat or cold.

Whether you are moving during the spring or any other season, Big John’s Moving is here to support your needs and make your move a success. Our team offers packing services, and we provide short- and long-term storage options, too. No matter what, our team is here to make sure every aspect of your move is taken care of!